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PNG Distribution



PNG Distribution

  • Domestic road transport full truck and part load
  • International road transport full truck and part load
  • Sea transport to Europe, USA and other countries
  • Air freight forwarding
  • Customized solutions
PNG Distribution

We offer solutions and consulting on transportation and expediting in Romania, Europe and the USA. We have partnerships with numerous transport operators in Romania, USA, Bulgaria, Moldavian Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and others. Therefore we can offer you the best and most comprehensive solution to your transport needs, for both Full truck and Part load.

Having a competent, flexible and dynamic team, we can always find the best solution for your company transportation needs. The service planning is served by a team of highly trained professionals and a computer application specially designed for logistics.

There is no less important demand for us; all our customers are treated with the same seriousness and professionalism. We always try to offer the best quality services at the best prices.

PNG Distribution is a division of the American company PNG Worldwide, having as main object of activity the mediating of domestic and international cargo transportation.

Our target consists in the improvement of our services quality in order to satisfy the customer requirement.